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And he asked “would you Discount Replica Louis

The Death of my Louis Vuitton Noe bucket purse

Well it finally happenedI decided to throw my Louis Vuitton purse in the trash. It is the end of a 25 year replica designer handbags partnership. As a teenager I never really cared high quality replica handbags china about the LV because all I really desired was a MCM bag. Who knew

As a 16 year oldteenager I received a LV purse and a piece of luggage. Well the luggage didn’t make it to the end. Not because I wouldn’t have taken care of it but because not knowing any better I let someone borrow it and of course she never returned the bag. And hey for me I was obsessed with my powder blue hard case Samsonite suitcase that you always had to sit on to closeand sometimes I had to tie it down with rope so that it wouldn’t pop open while in transit.

The death of the LV purse started on its downhill spiral around 1999. The purse is so big that you can stuff damn near anything in it. Well I guess I stuffed way too much. The bag has served as a book bag, workout semi replica louis vuitton gym bag, carry on travel bag, beach bag, overnightbag replica louis vuitton bags , and yes an actual purse.

The first thing to go was the drawstring. Itied so many knots into the string to hold it together. The last time the string popped, I made an executive decision that the bag would no longer be a “drawstring purse”. When I thought about replacing it, LV stated that they no longer carried the cognac colored string and that I would have to buy the ecru (light tan). How could I walk around with a bag where the rest of the leather is cognacin my mind I was like my purse will look like a knock off.

The second thing to happen was the strap popping. The first time it happened well it was my fault because I had it weighed down hard with books, magazines and a pair of shoes. I use to replica louis vuitton bags think it was my big boobs that was giving me back problems but it technically may have been the LV purse. Well the first strap popping incident was fixable. Well not so much for the second and most dramatic popping. Here I am on the way to work and decided to stop at the gas station/convenience store. As I am coming out of the store the purse strap popped and fell off my arm. Well I was still walking to the car and the purse is on the ground near the door. How embarrassing. As I look up this guy is in his car laughing. I wonderedwhat wasso funny. I was looking down at my LV as if it was a little dog and it got hit by a car. I picked my baby up and headed to the car. As soon as I looked at high quality designer replica handbags the strap I felt a pain in my stomach. The purse will have to go on life support and I don’t know what to do. It way to big to carry as a clutch. I can’t use the leather for spare pieces (have no idea why I even thought about that). As I sat at work I was trying to figure out how to bring the purse back to life. So I called tech support. That would be my LV partner in crimemy NYC cousin. And you have to know her laugh to understand that 1:1 replica handbags once she starts laughing you can’t do anything but laugh with her. I tried to explain what happened and that it wasn’t funny. So we decided that nothing would be done until she came to Atlanta for xmas.

Xmas arrived and Ms. NYC started to laugh all over again upon seeing the sad state the purse was in. Her fake designer bags only reply was “please let it go, the purse has had a good run.” I refused to accept that diagnosis. So during the xmas we headed to the LV store. With 2.5 broken down purses in hand we strolled into the LV store, (Ms. NYC had issues because her LV purse was unraveling at the seam, my mini LV needed a new strap and thebucket purse.) Well the sales representative told Ms. NYC there was nothing that could be done about the seam issue. Mini LV received a new leather strap that might be 12 inches long for a price of $125 (DAMN LV), and then on to the case study purse. There was a long moment of silence as he looked at the purse then back at me then back at the purse. And he asked “would you Discount Replica Louis Vuitton Bags like to buy a replacement pursethe same model”. My response was sure if I can get a replacement purse/same model/for my original retail price back in the 80s. We all laughed but secretly I was dead serious. So during the time the mini LV was being repaired we chatted up the sales rep and what part of Africa he was from, where he lived in NYC, his family and the locationof the Gucci outlet in NJ. And he was quick to say there will probably never be a LV outlet in our lifetime and LV NEVER goes on sale. I swear I think a tear formed in my eye. He gave me a number to a guy that repairs LV items locally. Hmmmm , but I really want the LV repair warranty not the off the cuff guy.”sorry” was all I heard.

So as we walked out the store I could hear the crickets chirping and I swear if Ms. NYC had started laughing I think I would have left her at the malllol.

PRESENT DAY: When I walked into my closet this morning, I looked at the purse looking at me looking at it. For some reason (I don’t know whyI had a flash of Kimora Lee Simmons’ LV closet. She probably has old LVs that she doesn’t even want UGH). And then I looked over at my Gucci and realized that I just don’t love my Gucci or Fendi for that matter as much as I love my LVs. And Coach isn’t even a viable option. So I grabbed her off the shelf and wrapped her up to be disposed ofno more life support. I finally realized that there was no hope. I had to let it go. I text Ms. NYC and told her of the news and I swear I could hear her laughing but yet feeling my pain.

If nothing else I can definitely say I got my money worth out of the bag. Hell I might owe Louis Vuitton a refund.

I read your LV Eulogy while watching The Ed Show on TV, and had to mute the sound so I could digest your every word. I really felt your pain! I had a similar experience with my LV which I had purchased at a LV Outlet in Venezuela about 20 years ago. I used it for everything under the Sun, just like you did. After many years of good use, my strap broke, stitching around the base began to break, the drawstring was ready to break and there were a couple of cracks in the canvas part of the bag. I took mine to my shoe cheap replica handbags repair guy who said he could fix the drawstring and the strap replica louis vuitton bags from china and restitch around the bottom. What he couldn fix were the cracks. He told me it wasn worth the time! I listened to him and threw it in the trash right there in his store. I moved from the town where I was living at the time, and some time later wondered whether the shoe repair man fixed the bag and gave it to his wife! If so, I hope she is enjoying the LV as much as I did. I commend you cheap louis vuitton bags from china , though, because even after you were told it wasn worth fixing, you brought yours home, put it in your closet and didn throw it in your home garbage until much later. I wish I had done that I had brought it back home, I high quality designer replica handbags wholesale may still have my LV.

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